Virus/Malware Removal

Is your computer displaying annoying popups or running slow? You may have a virus/malware infection. PDN can diagnose and remove the malicious software and get your computer back and running in no time!

  $95      $59

 Hardware Repair

PDN can diagnose and repair/replace hardware for both Mac and PC, including Laptop screens, hard drives, video cards, motherboards, power supplies and more. Even if the part is no longer made, we can track down quality used parts.
    $95       N/A  

 Mobile Devices
Smartphones and tablets give you the power of a computer in your pocket. Sharing your calendar with friends or co-workers, syncing your music wirelessly, or using your phone as a TV remote are just a few things you can do.
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 Wi-Fi & Networking

A solid network is essential for reliable Internet, wireless printing, music streaming and more. PDN can configure a secure wireless or wired network and set up all of your devices.

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 Data Backup & Recovery

Don't wait until it's too late. Protect your important files with an automatic backup. PDN can configure a backup remotely or on-site. Cloud backup services start at only $59 per year, so you can't afford not to do it!
    $95       $29  
 Video Conversion

Do you have old home movies  on tape sitting in a box somewhere and aren't sure what to do with them? Have them transferred to digital before it's too late. Tapes degrade over time and eventually become unplayable. PDN can transfer to many popular formats including DVD and Apple TV.