Does My Company Need A Server?

Investing in a server can sometimes be a tough decision for a small business, but in many cases it will actually save time and money. Generally, if your company has more than 4 or 5 computers, you would benefit from a server. Managing users, file sharing, software updates, etc. can be very time consuming. A server allows you to manage everything from a central, user friendly interface, and can even reduce the need for IT support. Contact PDN for a free estimate.

Benefits of a Server:

  • Centralized Storage
    • A server allows you to store frequently used company files in a central location for easy access. With a server, there’s no need email or manually share files.
  • Centralized File Security
    • Easily assign security to certain server folders. For example, the sales staff would not need access to confidential personnel files. A server lets you groups departments together and easily manage access.
  • Centralized User Management
    • Instead of creating separate accounts for a user on each computer, you can create one account on the server. You can even enable a user to log in to any computer any see their personal documents and other files.  You can also restrict users from installing software or making changes to their computer. If an employee leaves the company, you can easily disable their email and server access.
  • Centralized Backups
    • Because important company files are stored on the server, and not on multiple computers, you can manage and monitor backups from a central location. 
  • Centralized Resources (Printer, Scanners, Etc)
    • Setting up a printer through a server allows easy access from any computer in the company.
  • Virus Management
    • A server allows you to manage the anti-virus software on all your workstations and perform updates. It can also notify a designated person if a workstation is not being updated or has been infected. 
  • Software Updates
    • Microsoft releases updates monthly to fix critical software flaws and improve performance. A server allows you to manage these updates and distribute them to all the computers on the network. automatically or at a scheduled time. It can also notify you if any computers are falling behind on updates.